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Job of a Leader


A Leader's Job

Not everyone can or should want to be a Leader. Ambition helps, but not on its own; self-confidence is vital, but too much will land you in trouble; determination is an asset, but achievement is the accurate measure of any Leader. Unsurprisingly, leaders tend to be handed the most difficult tasks, usually when existing management has failed. Or the stakeholders, from investors to customers, have had enough! That is when they conclude that a Leader is required. The business or organisation may have become dysfunctional or economically unviable. The quality and service may have deteriorated to such an extent that the stakeholders have little choice if they are to save the business. That is why they hire Leaders - otherwise, they would do it themselves!


Leadership is primarily about getting things done; transforming an organisation's economic future requires lots of doing! So, if you have a track record of successfully turning organisations around, you will be in high demand. Indeed, most companies, even previously successful ones, will face the prospect of a major change of direction. Those interested in case studies can look at companies like IBM, which had to change from a global manufacturer to a service provider, which was not an easy task and required Leadership to make the transformation work. On the other hand, companies like KODAK failed to take notice of their market changes and went bankrupt. 

Transformation is not simply about improving an organisation - it is way more dramatic than that. By its nature, turning around a failing organisation requires making difficult decisions. I often had to make decisions that adversely impacted the lives of hard-working people. But Leadership tests your resolve to do the right things. A Leader's task is often unpopular, can be viewed as ruthless, and open to criticism by those inside and outside an organisation.


Leadership is not for everyone. Indeed, it is only for the few by its very nature. Creating a more efficient and stable environment requires a Leader to work with determination, foresight and humility. For example, working long hours (try 24/7), being prepared to sacrifice your time, money, and effort, and having the guts to take the rap when things go wrong. Be prepared to spend extended periods away from your family and friends. You can live in a bunker if you want to be a boss, but Leaders never operate from a bunker - they live with and amongst their people. They will be at the forefront of helping people learn and develop new skills before it's too late. 


Leaders understand the extent of a challenge.

Leaders know what it is going to take.

Survival is the priority in any business. Leadership is a two-sided coin, not just its benefits but also the sacrifices needed to succeed. Leaders know, and most are not accountants, that they install healthy financial policies, strong cash flow and balance sheet improvement as necessary for the organisation's long-term success.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a Leader, get ready to be tested every day—become obsessed with learning your markets, spending time with all who work for you, and developing your strategy based on what you know, not just what you hear. 

​Leaders must have the ability to transmit their vision clearly and be understood.  

 Only the converted will recognise you as authentic and follow you as their Leader.

Once a Leader

- Always a Leader.

Tips on Transformation

Tough Is Normal!

Thrive on Challenges

Requires Grit!

Failure? Bounce Back!

Practice Persuasion 

Focus & Listen - Then Do!

Find a Mentor and Share

Lead People Not Process

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