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Series One     - Leadership in Charities
Series Two     - Genuine Leadership
Series Three - Change Leadership
Series Four    - The Mentor
Series Five     - Inspire Me!

Series One:
Leadership in Charities

Kindness is not quick

There are many ways to show you are kind

You may be gentle, helpful or just inclined

Some people send money, with just one click

It’s incredible how you can feel good - too quick

For me, kindness must be more than just fast

To make me feel good?  Well, that won’t last!

Before you reach for your smartphone with an open heart

Think of getting off your butt and instead -  take part

Visit those who seldom see good friends

Who live their life through a very different lens

Find someone in need, perhaps local and alone

Not through google, rather someone you have known

Next time you are feeling generous and sincere

Think about giving someone - some of your good cheer


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'Kindness is not Quick'

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Whose the money for?


B4-U-DO send your money

Ask yourself, now listen here, sonny

Will my cash go all the way to where it belongs

Or will it also find those looking for a gong?

Ever wondered how much of your money will find

It’s way to the target that was really on your mind

We read about CEO’s enriching themselves

But as bosses of a charity? That’ll not end well

Join me in condemning those who pretend to be Leaders,

Such avarice in this field, instead they are running a meter

You see, a Leader is exceptional and needs no appointment

Because Leaders emerge - but not from employment

A charity exists not for those that can quit

It is there for the good of those that need it


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'Whose the money for?'

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80 / 20

How much money does your charity get

Is it 50 / 50? Then half is lost in their silhouette


I’ve read that it’s worse in some cases, that’s true

With only a pittance, you gave, filtering through


Meantime at the top, the boss has a big salary

They would better off in a rogues gallery


So vote with me to make a cardinal rule

That to be a charity means 80 is cool


If 20 is not enough, then shame on them, I say

You can’t be a charity - if you only give half-a-way


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