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"Enjoy the ride as mr alex leads businesses across Continents, starting new ones, closing down others, introducing innovative products, collapsing time to markets, creating fabulous customer service
and refusing to take no for an answer, whilst
transforming organisations by placing people
at the centre of change."

Benjamin Franklin said,

“Well done is better than well said.”

it does matter

Foreword by John R. Walter

Former Chairman, President & CEO RR Donnelley & Sons

"I had the rich pleasure of working with Alex for most of his 14-year career at RR Donnelley, during which time we were increasing our global footprint, and the UK was in many ways the hub of much of our global growth. Alex evolved into a tough and thoughtful Leader who foresaw and adapted to the increasing realities of the shift in print technology. Alex was unique in that he led both our Documentation Services and Commercial Print Businesses; Documentation Services was Donnelley’s fastest-growing sector.

This seasoning and maturity started from boyhood for Alex. I consider him and Jennifer good friends and wish our geographies were closer and not Cyprus and the United States. I remember him as a key business partner, but most importantly, a friend, grandparent of eight, who has withstood many tests of time. Enjoy this important reflection from Alex as I know it will be an excellent resource for you and generations to come as fundamental values on Leadership and life don’t change significantly over time."

John R. Walter

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it does matter
Leading a Union strike and winning!

Thrown in jail!
Fortune 500 Board said No!  (I said YES!)
The Mobile Phone saves my business.  
Listen to Mum!
Looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Consultancy or Leadership?
Tips & Trix from a Leader.
Leaders are followed....

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mr alex

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it does matter
"Finished reading your book, 'it does matter', well laid out and very detailed
all the way through. A great read for budding entrepreneurs."

George -
kobo books

"It is like nothing else I have read in the past.  It is a fascinating journey of your life,

the people and the events that have influenced you in becoming a Leader.  

Every chapter is more than a story; it covers every aspect of business 

and you showed that 'it does matter'.

Dr George -


"That was a great read. I really loved 'it does matter'

I started page one a few hours ago and didn't stop until I finished it.

Thoroughly enjoyable and very inspirational.  I thought it flowed well in a chronological and readable fashion that serves to develop your character, demonstrate your learnings, show how you applied those learnings and realized great success from both your life education and your hands-on experience."


Dan -


"I found 'it does matter' almost like an adventure story and a travelogue.

It was a 'page-turner' as I could not wait to see where you were going

to 'land' next.  All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable book."

Bill -


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"Failures can cause much pain.
Without failures -
there would be a lot more pain"