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[Eagle]  a symbol of strength, keen vision, perseverance, commitment, and courage.

Eagles are a rare species that possess the ability to overcome obstacles and soar above everyday life.

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mr alex's Bio 
(travelling the road less travelled)

By the age of 13, I was already working as a Milk Delivery Boy, then served my Apprenticeship as a Printer, and led a Union Strike by the time I was 21. After that, I emigrated to South Africa and, at the age of 27, led my first business turnaround reducing the plant headcount by 150 people, closing down an under-performing division and in the process produced recurring profits of a previously heavy loss-making business.


We transformed a previously state-owned unionised Government Printer into a profitable cash cow within two years.  I led the fight to secure a 7-year £700m contract by ignoring failing management, and working directly with employees. Within months we collapsed queuing and waiting times, massively reduced waste and installed fabulous customer service. 

When the Board of my Fortune 500 company refused permission for us to build a new customer-dedicated near-site fulfilment centre after we had secured a new multi-year contract, I refused to accept their decision, borrowed a friend’s warehouse, had him hire 100 temporary employees and set up the world’s first ‘Virtual Factory' - within a month. This 'Virtual Factory' resulted in us creating over 600 new jobs in both the UK and USA. When the Chairman discovered what I had done, he promoted me to CEO (UK).

I led the UK arm of a Global Software Documentation business that grew from nil to $1.2billion in just 7 years.  I was selected as one of Europe’s “Top 20 European Market Makers” by Computer Reseller News in recognition of launching IBM’s first-ever PC clone (Ambra) and my innovative product fulfilment system.  I was elected Global Salesperson of the Year of a $1 billion Global Software Enterprise and UK Business of the Year (UK Trade Magazine).

I eventually became disillusioned with Corporate politics and culture. I was told by a new corporate seagull that the days are passed when Alex Walker did what he wanted to do. In reply and with the financial backing of one of the world's largest Venture Capital firms, offered to buy the UK arm of their global business. He decided not to sell it to us, and as the sitting CEO, agreed terms and resigned.   


It wasn't long before another Venture Capitalist approached me to advise on their investment in their underperforming manufacturing investment in Poland. After serving on the Board as a consultant, I moved to Poland (I don't speak Polish) and appointed President and CEO. I replaced the entire senior management team with a smaller group of talented Polish executives, re-trained customer service employees in fabulous customer service, multiple languages, ramped up export sales and introduced an open Leadership style. 


Previous barriers between management and employees were broken down, as we communicated our progress and challenges with all employees, holding regular reviews and events for employees and their families. We supported local charities and developed a good business relationship with Local Mayors and I chaired a network of local and national Polish Business Leaders. Within 3 years, the business was profitable, growing and successful, and we sold it to a strategic buyer. The business still thrives today 20 years later.

Humility comes from

a complete lack of arrogance.

With over 40 years of experience in Leadership and having climbed the greasy pole from Apprentice to Chairman and CEO.  It was time to put something back - so I wrote my biography - 'it does matter'  and created my own website - - aimed at helping others and encouraging a new generation of Leaders.  I am also a Mentor and enjoy working with high potential people in diverse markets. In recent years I helped those working in the Aviation, Medical Devices, and Retail Sectors. These businesses are quickly becoming successful, diversified, profitable, and cash-rich. I help executives focus and develop their skills and knowledge -  by encouraging them to focus on their strengths, cajoling them to Learn, Listen and then - Do It!

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"Pick the best ones, give them a hard time
- but remember to build their trust"
mr alex's New Book
"I found it a very interesting read, especially some of your earlier history. 
I think the combination of autobiography and business lessons works well
and the 'it does matter' concept pulls it all together. 
All in all, easy to read and easy to follow, I felt there were a lot of practical lessons that business Leaders could put into practice."
Mike -
North Yorkshire
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