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Stop being the Boss!

Leaders Lead - Bosses Boss!

​Communism has a makeover

In 1990/91, when the Soviet Union collapsed after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West believed it had won freedom from Communism. Most of us felt that we had proved the point that the Communist State was no longer a viable economic and social-political model. The Chinese Communists had a different idea - they wisely busied themselves by attracting investors with their cheap labour force and becoming increasingly well-educated. They found a way to  'use' Western Capital to feed their enormous appetite for economic growth, without which they could not stay in power.  They knew that by creating gainful work for more than 1 billion people, they could feed the consumerism that had gripped Western countries. 

As the decades unfolded, China became stronger economically and militarily. Nations close to China benefited from the surge in economic activity. With another billion people  (although slower to make the changes), India became more competitive and started growing its economy faster than Western nations. Asia was moving fast and would catch up and eventually overtake the West. 

The Left Was Not Defeated 

Meantime, Putin's Russia started pursuing an increasingly aggressive strategy designed to regain the areas previously under Soviet rule but which had not yet flown the nest to become new members of the European Union.

Today, China has benefited from three decades of high economic growth and has spread its influence through its new-found wealth, beyond Asia to many parts of Africa and the Americas, whilst making considerable investments throughout the USA and Europe. India is gaining newfound confidence and prefers to be neutral rather than support the West.

Covid-19 has changed previously democratic nations to a level of authoritarian rule that even communists envy. The global misery caused by the Covid-19 pandemic created an environment where those in charge increased their authority simply by increasing regulations, using Covid to convince people that restricting their freedom was only temporary. The Communists may have lost the battle, but with their newfound partners in the woke culture, they saw an opportunity to win the war and spread their influence more quickly than they could ever have dreamt in past decades.  As a result of wokeness, the world started to take on a different appearance.

Social Media Drives Wokeness

During the early part of the 21st Century, the introduction of social media replaced the old and tired 'Friends Reunited' and 'MySpace' websites. Software developers found new ways to 'customise' users' profiles and introduced video and music to enhance the user's experience. Then along came Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which dramatically changed how people communicated with each other, either as individuals or in groups, private or public - just one click, and the world of information and communication is yours; all you need is a smartphone. At first, the new social media sites served everyone, but young people viewed it as a liberating platform, and social media quickly became their preferred choice of communication. 

By the time of the 2016 US elections, the Liberal/Left had established control, cheered on by academia and the elite, who had grown rich on the back of the exponential growth in social media. Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence took centre stage.  Google and the social media sites drove their revenue streams to massive levels through personalised advertising using personal digital data naively left by their users.

The users - people who had never witnessed wars and had spent most of their first three decades of life at some form of an academic institution, jumped on the social media train.  The smartphone became an extension of our arms, and tapping and swiping replaced typing! Want to organise a party? Just a click away. Fancy something to eat - it's on its way - or how about that dress or shirt you liked - amazon would deliver it faster than you could borrow enough to pay for it! The era of convenience was here to stay; difficult to do was replaced by demand for more. However, the problem with social media is that it has become 'untouchable', particularly in Western Democracies. It was incorrectly placed beyond the reach of the law - by a shield - courtesy of US Lawmakers.

"No provider or user of an interactive computer service

shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information

provided by another information content provider."

(Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996)  

​As a result of this legislation, social media companies had free rein to publish and be damned. The Left quickly saw their chance and captured social media. The major players are all close neighbours based in the South Bay area of California, well-known as a left-leaning liberal location.  Supported and encouraged by widespread academia, global corporate greed and political elites, the Big Tech 'untouchables', freed by politicians to make their own rules regarding censorship, began to have a considerable influence on the political stage. Like politicians, they became increasingly authoritarian. They had found a new way of getting their way free of responsibility with little effort. People with little or no common sense but lots to be angry about were able to vent their spleen online - unafraid of consequences. They could hide behind their firewall, throw insults, and spread lies.

The Covid Factor

Covid has encouraged us to work apart by working from home,  making us look and feel more attractive than physically being together at our workplace.  The separation of people from work colleagues was designed to reduce the spread of the pandemic but has morphed into becoming a preferred lifestyle for millions of people and has encouraged intolerance towards others through social media without responsibility for their actions and has the effect of rewarding laziness both physically and mentally.

By allowing us to do the majority of our work functions from the comfort of our homes, politicians and business executives - led by 'Human Resource' departments who now serve as a shield protector between employees and their bosses, have destroyed the critical foundation that can only come from working closely with another person. This separation has become like a  divorce - encouraging dissent rather than harmony. Having spent two years working from home, many people have become reluctant to commute to work when they can get paid not to. Social isolation is relieved by staying online all day.  Putting people first has become less of a priority, and trust is more challenging to build as Zoom replaces personal contact.

Globalisation and outsourcing embellished Amazon's playbook of 'convenience for all. No need to go out to the shop; stay on your sofa, and click here! Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., have all enabled real-time communication - all you need is a smartphone and a wifi connection. Where you are is no longer a hurdle to success, travel has become a less attractive option, whether commuting to work or visiting a customer face-to-face.

Along with the changes in our personal and work lives, the new woke culture drives us to believe that centralised and globalised power is better than local democracy and free speech. Woke tells us that not only can we have equality of opportunity - we can have their holy grail -  equality of outcome.  The fact that this is neither possible nor desirable is irrelevant in the world of woke; if it makes one feel good, it must be good! Revived is a branch of socialism - it is born out of dissent, feeds on people's lack of experience, and is driven home by the left who love to dominate education, politics and global corporations - any place where influence spreads fast. 

Russia And China Push Autocracy, The West Pushes Woke 

These same social media companies were happy to comply with autocratic governments. Fearful of being banned, social media companies went along with Russian and Chinese censorship in return for access to the masses and even more significant revenues. Woke could now drive sales!

Social media became a successful hunting ground for the Left. Young people were easy recruits to the Left's big state ideology.  Young people tend to be left-leaning, with little worldly experience, believing that output equality is a worthwhile goal. In the past, we mostly grew away from left-leaning politics, driven by the economic necessity of marriage,  mortgages, and raising a family.  Sadly these pillars of past desires have either been delayed or ignored. The Left has always regarded these as low priorities; equality of outcome has become their number one priority.

Educators pushed ever leftwards, joined by Global Executives who could see that outsourcing to cheaper environments could pay handsomely. With corporate greed on the rise, the Left grabbed the opportunity to create a way to destroy capitalism and woke became their weapon of choice. It has spread faster than Covid and enters every nook and cranny wherever you might live. You don't need any qualifications to be woke - just as long as you are sad, angry, disillusioned and loud - you will be Welcomed into the World of Woke.  The political class went along with woke as it became popular. In Africa, The Middle East, Turkey, South America and selected Asian nations, anything that gave their former colonial masters a hard time was considered worthwhile.  The authoritarian rule became the price we pay for equity of output.

Wokeness is now global; it discourages alternative points of view and, like autocracies, hates any opposing views! Like indoctrination, wokeness promotes acceptance - without dispute.  Russia and China have woken up to the opportunity that a 'Weaker and Woke West' represents.  Authoritarian rule and wokeness are now bed-fellows whose common enemy is individuals and independent people.

Beating The Woke Culture 

So how do we overcome woke and, in the process, halt the progress of the authoritarian? Woke was never a Leadership value; the revived culture has encouraged the growth of a Boss mentality. The Boss and Wokeness are close partners. Do as I say, don't dare debate, do it or else! Like a Boss, Woke is authoritarian and must crush opposition; decisions are made from the centre and proclaimed as the only truth.  A Boss must be in charge - they have little time for those who work at the coal face. Bosses, like Woke, need to be the boss and control people; opposition mustn't be tolerated; the cause is all that counts!  It is by nature anti-democratic and ignores the aspirations of individuals. These cultures drive change by the few for the few. 


That is why Bosses no longer have a place in today's world - indeed, Boss culture has opened the floodgates to Woke. On the other hand, Leadership places importance on the who, what and where they are Leading them too!  A Leader is not an appointment, nor is it achieved by winning votes.  After the Second World War, when the British people voted out Churchill, he remained a Leader because 'Once a Leader, Always a Leader! His contribution to people was beyond reproach; their regard for him did not falter, even as they voted him out of power. 


The solution to beating the woke culture lies in building better Leaders and, in the process - getting rid of Bosses.​ Unlike being the Boss, Leadership is not about control nor the power of the few over the many.​ Leadership is overwhelmingly about developing people - explaining your vision for people to understand, encouraging them to embrace it, and working with you to deliver the mission. Above all, Leadership is about freeing others to be the best they can be. Leaders encourage debate; a Boss never does.  Leadership must always be about getting things done for and by the people. Leaders understand individuals' enormous talent and potential and strive to bring them all together to achieve the goal. Leaders declare optimism and confidence about the future and provide a clear, embraceable vision.  Leadership offers more opportunities to the individual to be the best they can be. 


Wokeness and the Boss culture always result in greater autocracy, bigger government, increased monopolies, and less freedom to speak and act freely. is dedicated to Leadership and believes the best way to create opportunities for the many is to help and encourage each person to be the best they can be. Leaders think that everyone can be fabulous at something and individual excellence is the best way to help those less fortunate. This is the Leaders antidote to wokeness!

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