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Change Leadership


Change Leadership relies on
skill, knowledge, speed and support.

Take Covid-19
add automation
then add economic chaos
and place it all fast-moving digitally-driven world.

We don't have time to manage change - it's time to Lead Change!"

mr alex


Why Change Leadership?

Firstly, note the difference between Managing and Leadership. 

Management governs or administers businesses - large or small. Organising people and resources efficiently and productively is the key to good governance. 

Leaders are often managers, but not all managers are Leaders. Leaders focus on the collective power of leveraging the talent of people.  

Managers see themselves as part of a team,

with a mission to keep things under control, including people.

Leaders are responsible for achieving a vision through a task

that their people will understand, support, embrace and deliver.


Leaders need to improve and develop their skills at handling people. Being the boss does not crack it anymore. Leadership is required to get in front of the trend that threatens people's livelihoods.  Companies will have to become more people-centric, encouraging and investing in their people's knowledge base. The future will depend more on the ability of Leaders to provide retraining, reskilling and upskilling for their employees - and quickly. A key responsibility of Leadership is to drive change soon through their organisation.  Leaders will have to develop their skills at handling people themselves rather than leave it to others. Organisations should be seen as learning centres, with the ability to teach, develop and train their people to a high level.

Leaders need to understand the need to train people and get involved directly to ensure that the acquisition of new skills becomes a central part of their strategy.


New technologies are driving significant changes in consumer habits, e.g. working from home, a dramatic increase in personal and national debt and the repercussions from Covid-19. We can expect increasing automation to threaten people's jobs. To avoid the inevitable unemployment that will flow from new technology, Leaders need to accelerate their knowledge of these recent trends and how they may impact their organisation.  Leadership is not simply about closing a business that has been too slow to change! Great companies had crashed in the past when they ignored what was happening in their markets, happy to sweat their assets for today's profits. 


Leadership is about developing a Strategic Plan B when you know that Plan A is running out of steam! They need to be open and honest with themselves, their shareholders, employees and the supply chain.  Leaders need to stay tuned to changes and shifts in consumer and customer demand.  


For example, Yellow Pages UK was once the dominant search provider for those looking to purchase. Yellow Page publishers knew in the early 1990s that Digital would render their printed directories obsolete. But it took another 25 years before they finally stopped printing directories in the UK. Meantime, a couple of guys in California figured out a way to digitise information faster, cheaper and more accurately. There are numerous other case studies where organisations have failed rather than move quickly with their assets.


Change must be practical and executed quickly! There is an urgency for us to create new opportunities - fast, to take intelligent risks - now, and to implement well-thought-out strategies - quickly. A gradual improvement process is not fit for purpose in an era where gradual is too slow! The world of work is changing fast; it needs to change quickly. It will require a different type of Leadership - one that is ready for action.  Leaders must learn to multi-task, keep their existing organisation efficient, and find what will work better in tomorrow's environment. 


The 21st century is full of challenges. However, new technology in the digitally driven world is also driving

poverty downwards, and the internet is providing massive opportunities for people prepared to try harder and learn. Organisations can become great places of learning, dedicated to developing people to their full potential. Leaders will need all the skill, knowledge and support they can muster if this century delivers its potential. Leaders who garner and nourish people's development through training and upskilling will inherit the necessary support to overcome the challenges that automation, pandemics, fiscal overspending, and increasing debt will place on society.

Leaders will need to support their people, stakeholders, suppliers, local communities to affect the amount and level of change that the next few decades will bring.  Just as important will be the support of a Mentor for Leaders. There is nothing more valuable nor encouraging than to find someone who has been a Leader that you can confidently share and bounce your ideas off than an experienced  Mentor. You can read more about Leadership Mentoring here. 

Change Leadership

Builds confidence by explaining what needs to be done, how, when, by whom. 

It involves everyone, takes a long term view, pushes past disruption.

Understands that future profits matter more than the present cost.

Executes change with urgency; knows momentum is everything.

Pulls products and services through instead of pushing.

Prefers smarts + speed over process-driven.

Chooses compelling rather than demanding.

Will drive future efficiency over control.

Choose progress over motion.

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