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Change Leadership


Change Leadership relies on skill, knowledge,
speed and the support of those you want to lead.

"Take Covid-19
add automation
then add economic chaos
and place it all in a 
digitally-driven world.

We need to lead change
not manage it."

mr alex


Why Change Leadership?

Management governs or administers businesses - large or small. Organising people and resources efficiently and productively is the key to good management.  Leaders are often managers, but not all managers are Leaders.


Managers see themselves as part of a team, with a mission to keep things under control, including people, costs, quality, service levels, profitability, cash flow, and closely monitoring progress. People who work for managers are called employees, colleagues, workmates etc.

Leaders see themselves as responsible for achieving a vision whilst caring for the people they are responsible for. Leaders have followers and spend most of their time on strategy and communicating to those they need to embrace their vision.

The acceleration of new technologies is having an impact on employment. We can expect an increase in automation, replacing the need for people doing many of the tasks that today provide incomes for millions. 

 Since the first quarter of 2020, the world has been blighted by the Covid-19 virus, which has prematurely ended peoples lives, closed down economies and changed our habits at work and play. In addition, whole industries have been adversely affected by lockdowns and the dramatic change to consumers past custom and practices.

To top it all - politicians worldwide have printed money they don't have to soften the blow to people unable to work because of Government policies related to Covid-19. The economies of once health nations lie in tatters. Yes, as we come out of severe restrictions on how we live, there will be pent-up demand as the freedom to spend gradually returns. However, the debt mountains will have to be addressed and new wealth-creation opportunities exploited to begin to pay for the economic and social damage incurred.  

We certainly have had our full share of Change Management from those who have ordered us to refrain from going places where we previously took for granted. I am sure of one thing; if we are to avoid untold misery for millions, it has to be done quickly.  This requires Change Leadership, not Change Management. There is an urgency to create new opportunities fast, take intelligent risks now, and execute well-thought-out strategies quickly. Change Management has had its day - but its 'gradual improvement' philosophy is not fit for purpose in an era where gradual is just not good enough. The world is changing too fast for myopic thinking or dilatory behaviour.

Change Leadership

Builds confidence by explaining what needs to be done, how, when, by whom. 

Understands that future profits matter more than the present cost.

Involves everyone, takes a long term view, pushes past disruption.

Executes change with urgency; knows momentum is everything.


Pulls products and services through instead of pushing.

Drives future efficiency over present control.

Prefers smarts + speed over process-driven.

Chooses compelling - over demanding.

Drives progress - not motion.

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