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Creating Wealth
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Learn Compound Interest!

Creating wealth, one day at a time! 

Financial independence - your reward for success.

Most people would agree that having enough money is one sign of success. Personal financial independence allows you and your loved ones greater flexibility and the ability to help those less fortunate.

Learning to save regularly is a good habit;  it has proven to be a great success over the long term. Children who have been given guidance on saving whilst young are better equipped to care for themselves when they are older. If you want to teach your child how to be smart - show them how to save.

Save long-term and discover compound interest!

Whilst saving money is a good habit,  it also helps by automating the process of saving. Automating the amount you save monthly will create more funds simply over time. It also gives you a good feeling knowing that your savings accumulate with a minimum of effort from yourself.

The critical element of any savings scheme is the time you save and when you discover the magic of compound interest. Although saving for a specific item, whether a new house, car or memorable holiday, the longer the savings period you commit to, the more money you will accumulate. This is particularly difficult for younger people to grasp, especially when it's a fact that the younger you start saving - the more money interest you will accumulate! 

If a 30 yr older person saves £1,000 per month for 30 years and can achieve a 5% annual return on their money - they will have three times the amount that a 45 yr old with the same 5% annual return on their money for 15 years,  assuming they both retire at age 60. (£797,266 versus £258,942).  The 30-year-old would achieve an annual annuity of the current UK government annuity rates of £30,317 against £9,814! Which pension income would you prefer? So do not underestimate the importance of saving for the long term - discover the magic of compound interest and learn the good habit of saving! Long-term savings prove you are serious about accumulating money over the long term as an investment for when your earnings move towards a fixed income. Creating Wealth, one day at a time - is not a bad habit if you want to be independent.

Leadership encourages people to save for themselves, the customer, and the environment. Conserving for your golden years is an excellent way to become a success!

From my book "it does matter" ;


How much should you aim to save at the age of 60?


1 million in liquid investments + 1 million in fixed assets 

(Net assets, free of debt, in US Dollars, Pounds or Euro - you choose) 

If you achieve the above, you will be independent and able to wiggle

- right to the end of your road! 

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Save Now
Spend Later!

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