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Get That Job
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mr alex says...
Get That Job!

Prepare, be fabulous and get that job!

Find who you would be working for!

Most job-seekers search for work online these days.  Whilst this can provide you with an ocean size market of vacancies, it is usually frustrating and time-consuming as you send your CV to hundreds if not thousands of potential jobs.  

The answer to successful job hunting lies with you, the hunter, not the employer.  They sit back and get inundated with CVs from agencies eager to make money out of shortlists and extra commissions for finding you!  Having had more jobs in a long career than anyone should have (over 30 at the last count), I have learned much about getting that job. 

Is your CV fabulous?  If not, make it so!

A CV is your calling card - it should reflect you to the extent that anyone reading it who does not know you - would immediately recognise it was your CV the moment you meet them!  Here are a few dos and don'ts.

The length of your CV should match your experience.  Only the extensively experienced (like me!) should have a two-page CV; otherwise, it's one page - that's it!  The hirer will not have time to read a life story about someone they have never met!  So one page is enough for most people. 

A CV isn't social media, so no photos or videos unless appropriate for the job you're aiming to win.  If it's a portfolio of your work, good; otherwise, keep it simple.

After your name and contact details are at the top of the CV, ensure you have a boxed paragraph summarising who you are, what you are fabulous at, and why you are suited to this particular vacancy.  Tailor your CV to the position you are applying for - generic CVs don't win. 

Here is my CV as an example of how the top key paragraph might look:

"International Chairman & CEO with a reputation as a catalyst for strategic change, key people development, sales and profit growth in the Corporate, Private Equity & Small Business environment.

International General Management experience.  Results-oriented and profit-focused,

innovative business planning skills with a passion for getting things done.

An International Award-Winning Business Leader."


Lists your achievements; hirers want to see what you have done while you were where you were!  After listing your achievements,  list your education and qualifications.  That's it! Be prepared to give the interviewer as much information they need, not what you think they need! If you need an expanded CV, take it to the interview, and use it as a reference point.

Get in front of the hirer.

Employing people is the most critical task an organisation undertakes.  If you believe you can do the job, find out whom you will work for - and call them.  Say that you would like to meet them and why.  Remember, nobody ever gets a job until they first meet the employer!  Never work for someone you have never met!  Leaders want to meet new people; they are always looking for new talent, and it's one of their primary responsibilities!

Preparation avoids perspiration!

Research, the organisation you want to join.  Nothing impresses employers more than having an outsider sit in front of them that knows a lot about their organisation. 

Be bright, tidy and interested in the organisation; first impressions are critical when hiring people.  Your goal is to impress the hirer, if you come over as somewhat unique, bright and ambitious, you might not get the job you are applying for, but a Leader will find one for you! Ask questions, but don't be inquisitive; keep the questions relevant to the position. 

Be a little early for your interview; it shows you can tell the time!

Good Luck.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

You Can Do This!

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