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Giving money to charity…

B4-U-DO donate to a charity, do your research; it takes a few minutes to check how the charity spends your money. According to THE WEEK (,  over £10 billion was donated in the UK alone in 2017. However, the percentage of donations finding their way to charitable activities ranges from excellent to abysmal. At the excellent end, Charities like St. John Ambulance spend 87% of donations on charitable activities, 10% on fundraising and 3% on generating income.   On the other hand, The British Heart Foundation managed only to spend 26% on charitable activities, 41% on fundraising, and 33% generating income.

B4-U-DO give your money to a charity, make sure you are not paying for an overpaid CEO, subsidising a bloated administration or financing expensive marketing projects.  Ask yourself whether your donation is really being used to help those you would like to help - rather than most of it going to those who run it.  If a Charity is recognised as a Non-Profit by the Tax Authorities, the CEO should not get paid if they are leading a profitable enterprise. CEO's who run charities should demonstrate Leadership by delivering at least 80% of donations directly to their cause -  or run a private enterprise.

If sports like Football can have a Financial Fair Play code, perhaps we need one for Charities?

Next time you reach for your smartphone to donate to a charity - give generously - but - above all

think B4-U-DO!

mr alex

August 2021

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