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Leadership Charter
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Making Better Leaders

Leadership Charter

1. Choosing Your Team
Surround yourself with the best people
Have a mix of skills, knowledge and temperaments on your team

2. Show Appreciation
Appreciate and reward excellence, extraordinary effort, consistency and perseverance
This is when you should practice being generous!

. Inspire Action And Growth
Lead by example - be a doer and aim high.
Set challenging standards based on continuous improvement

4. Turn The Impossible Into The Possible
Anything is possible
Show the way - always

5. Use 'We' As A Habit
Leadership is not about you!
Make the word 'we' common and 'I' rare.

6. Transparency Is A Rule, Not An Option
If you can't be open - go and do something else!
The road to success is there - find it! 

7. Become A Serial Communicator
 Feedback comes after you - not before
Show the numbers, discuss the numbers, and educate using the numbers.

8. Stir Passion - It's What Leaders Do!
Show your passion - and smile.
Taking the lead - is what you do.

9. Create A Friendly Environment 
Make fun part of your daily routine
Mix naturally with your people outside of work

10. Give Credit Where It's Deserved
Reward more than what you think is right
Let everyone know when someone deserves credit

11. Correcting People
Put yourself in their shoes; how would you react?
Do it right away, be firm, explain, follow up and move on.

12. People Will Judge You - Get On With It!
If people don't call you Leader - you're just a boss
People are not fools - they know who cares

13. Do Not Delegate Your Responsibilities
Never outsource what a Leader needs to do
The buck stops with you!

14. Be Just - And Truthful
Being impartial and truthful is more important than being fair
Become an unbiased evaluator of actions 
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