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Group President

Global Group

This special award goes to someone sitting amongst us today who is quite special. He has transformed the prospects of the entire European region with his drive and unique solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

He truly is the customer’s friend.

Senior VP

Global Corporation

When I came to work for you it was a breath of fresh air.  You walked the talk with respect to taking care of the customer and the employees and not getting bogged down in the corporate BS world.  I can honestly say that while I had much longer work relationships with other leaders, none were more impactful, long-lasting, or exemplary than the time spent in your organization.  The lessons stayed with me for life.  As they say, leadership is defined by those who follow.  People want to follow you. 

Employees & Management

Central Europe Group

At my farewell dinner, the employees and management team presented me with a beautiful Baume & Mercier wristwatch, with an inscription on the back that reads:

Thank you for making us stronger



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