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[Leopards] They symbolise elegance, stealth and strength in spite of adversity and looming danger.
"The need for Leadership has never
been more vital than it is today"
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The Covid-19 virus has caused devastation throughout the world. Factories have emptied, offices abandoned, shops without shoppers, and our economies are in tatters. For the world to recover from this nightmare, we need effective Leaders to guide us through to safer, healthier and financially better times - quickly!  

Leadership is an Art that comes from learning how to communicate, motivate, drive and improve yourself and other people. To learn Leadership, it is essential to gain hands-on experience by managing part or all of a company or organisation. The path to Leadership is often strewn with failure as well as success.  Leaders learn to lead by witnessing, at first hand, the issues, problems and solutions that emanate in every business. We gain insight by working closely with other Leaders, managers and employees, learning things that may never get raised in the Boardroom.

This online space is dedicated to the many great Leaders I collaborated with over a six decade career. I led businesses of all sizes, large and small. I lived and worked in four Continents in diverse sectors including Manufacturing, Computer Hardware & Software, Medical Devices, Product Fulfilment, Customer Service and Logistics. I worked at every position from Apprentice to Chairman & Chief Executive. I owned my own business, and partnered with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.  I led companies in non-english speaking countries such as Poland and Hungary (without speaking their language). 

I was fortunate to work closely with several great Leaders, they taught me that those who say "it can't be done" really mean that they cannot do it! If you are interested in learning more about Leadership, I have made my entire Leadership Library and database of articles, podcasts and case studies, free online.


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The Art of Leadership is learnt, and the best way to learn Leadership is by working for and with other Leaders.  By observing how Leaders motivate others, the manner in which they conduct meetings, how they grab opportunities and turn them into success, how they learn from mistakes and failures. The attitude they have towards their work, the focus they bring to the things that really matter. How they look for solutions rather than problems. Leaders also have acquired the excellent habit of being able to spot future Leaders. So make sure you attach yourself to a Leader, if you want to do Leadership and not simply wish to be one! 

Leadership is not easy, it takes great sacrifice and effort. It can at times be lonely, your decisions as a Leader after all can impact people adversely. Leaders do not seek popularity, they seek results. They often have to go against prevailing paradigms, particularly if the. Leader's insight tells them to go in a different direction.  

Learning the Art of Leadership is all about getting others to do amazing things quickly and consistently.  A Leader is never satisfied only with today's results, we build continuous improvement into everything we do. Leadership can make a real positive difference to people's lives - that is why we become Leaders.   

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Once a Leader - Always a Leader 

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