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[Leopards] They symbolise elegance, stealth and strength in spite of adversity and looming danger.



The need for good Leadership has never been more vital than it is today
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The Covid-19 virus has caused devastation throughout the world. Factories emptied, offices abandoned, shops without shoppers, and our economies are in tatters. For the world to recover from this nightmare, we need Leaders that can guide us through to safer, healthier and financially better times.

This online space is dedicated to Leadership and committed to helping and developing those who already have the necessary skills and business management knowledge.  No matter how good and successful a manager you are, Leadership is different.


You can be appointed a Manager, 

but only followers can appoint their Leader.


The Art of Leadership comes through learning and doing. The best way to become a 

Business Leader is to first gain experience through managing parts, or all of your business. Management experience is important in the path to Leadership.  Once you have gained experience in management (counted in years), some managers go on to be a boss, which is a natural extension of managing. For others, they want to be more than just a boss. Whilst a boss is undoubtedly in charge, they are not Leaders. A boss will be focused on profit, whilst a Leader knows that profit comes through people, Bosses drive standards upwards, whilst Leaders instil values that last. Bosses spend a lot of time finding out who caused the problem, on the other hand,  Leaders are more concerned about what happened and fixing it. 


To become a Leader, take a look at those who already are Leaders. Reading about Leadership is helpful, but there is no substitute for working for or with a Leader. If that's too difficult, then maybe you should try being something else. Go get a job that provides you with direct access to a Leader, so you can observe their habits, and understand the sacrifice they are prepared to pay for being a Leader.  

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Part of being a Leader is finding someone to share and confide in. Someone experienced in Leadership, whom they can trust.  A Mentor will bring focus and purpose, they know what it is like being a Leader and will openly share their wisdom, give advice and act as a Devil's Advocate when needed. The Mentor's track record should speak for itself. Mentoring is time-consuming and the benefits flow only once the Mentee and Mentor are on the same page and focus on the same outcome. It is important that Mentees and Mentors select each other. Talk with Leaders, they will openly tell you who their Mentors are, and how valuable they are within the Art of Leadership.


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Once a Leader - Always a Leader 

mr alex

Still want to become a Leader?

Leaders are required to overcome whatever challenges are before them.  Leadership brings hope that we find solutions, and the opportunity that we can be even better than we are today. Leaders often get there by taking the road less travelled. They are unafraid to take intelligent, thought through risks, that is what leaders do.

There are billions of people in the world, but there will only ever be thousands of leaders. Although leadership can be learnt, the process of becoming a Leader is not easy! It takes hard work, flexibility, a strong work ethic, integrity, commitment and excellence. Above all, it has to earned - Leadership is not free - it requires courage to do what needs to be done, commitment to do whatever it takes, determination when others are less so, and the ability to listen before you act.   


Clear Thinkers

Make Good Leaders

Are You?


To get it done!

A Listener?

Before you act!


Visionaries practice with ease !

Surrounded by key people?

The secret of your success!



Grudge free!

Benefits of Mentoring

sharing the know-how you need

A Friendly Devil's Advocate
who wants you to win
Learn from someone who's
done that failed, and bounced back up again!
Gain advice
you need to hear
Practical Advice
from a trusted source
Try your Plan out
before doing it!
Have an Experienced Leader
in your corner 







What if you had a trusted, dependable, flexible Mentor in your corner?


Do not ignore your own personal  improvement, a Mentor will not let you!



every day!



It's part of finding solutions!


Then you cannot be decisive!



giving up!

 A Planner?

Preparation & organising works!

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