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Newsletter 001

The birth of mr alex online.

First mr alex online Newsletter!

We don't get to write too many memoirs, so I hatched a plan to make sure that my memoir would matter. I calculated that the memoir should be available in all formats - print, eBook and audio. I knew I would need to have a website so that was added to my growing list of things to do. I had decided to take a break from my 'Business Angel' duties, so I had time on my hands, at least that is what I thought! Until now, I hadn't written a book, nor did I know anything about eBooks or making Podcasts. Worse still, I decided to do it all myself! So add self-publishing and building a website into the mix! But it did matter to me, so I threw out the pool table, dartboard and bar, and renovated the outbuilding with a new roof and flooring, and named it mr alex's cabin. I enlisted the help of Adobe Creative Cloud, a RODE Podcaster, my new iMac, and a few other bits of software and hardware that I had found by googling, and hey presto I was good to go!

Unfortunately, although I have been a PC user since the early '90s (yes, that long ago!), I discovered quickly that today's technology is a wee bit more complicated to operate than Windows 3.1 (yes 3.1) Nevertheless having preached my way around the world about the need to be tough, strong and focused - I had to start doing everything myself what I had been telling others to do! Not easy in my eighth decade, but who's complaining (me!)

I hope you enjoy the mr alex online website. This Leader's site is for you - so let me know what you would like see improved. If you like this space, and you know of someone who might benefit or be interested in joining us - send them the link, they would be most welcome.

Newsletter 002 will follow soon. As this first one was written just before the launch, the next one will tell you how the launch went and, more importantly, cover the responses from you, my fellow Leaders. Meantime please use one of the comments boxes you will find on the site to let me know your views on how we can best promote Leadership in today's increasingly exciting, yet challenging world.

Wish me luck for the launch, now which button do I press first?

Until the Next Time...

mr alex

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