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The Older Me
Elephant Coming Towards The Camera

mr alex on...
Being Nice or Right?

Don't allow being nice to get in the way
of with doing what's right!

"CEOs of Charities should accept a modest salary if they want to Lead!."

"A mentor is someone you need when your need is greatest."

"Find someone in need, preferably local and alone.

Don't use google; find someone you know and help them!."

"The British never, never have been slaves.

Poles and Hungarians have, and they will never be again."

"If speaking the truth feels awkward, take a deep breath and say it anyway."

"A Leader must aim to be just - not popular."

"Leaders find it easy to be grateful and acknowledge the success of others."

"Politicians never try levelling taxes down and opportunities up."


"Which sort of business are you going to be?  Quick or Dead?"

                    "Good intentions often lead to sterile outcomes - or worse!"

"The secret of Leadership? Courage and strength in adversity."

"Learn as you go, consult with your mentor; it makes Leading easier."

"Failure only happens when you cannot bounce back."

"Practice a common touch. It's what Leaders do well."

"Leaders never outsource what they are responsible for."

"90% of fears never materialise. So, don't worry until it happens ;

that way, you lose 90% of your stress!"

Elephants In A Long row

Occasionally, go and do a job
you expect others to do.

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