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 Customer Service Today 

Building a Fabulous Business?

Customer Service -Let's Make it Fabulous!

Customer Service is a subject close to my heart. I regard myself as a Customer Service Advocate. Over my decades-long career, I led manufacturing, software, medical devices,

and logistics companies. I learned early on in my career that if you want to build a fabulous business, you cannot do it without having fabulous customer service. Many businesses today have the technology and data that enables them to do tasks faster, cheaper and more efficiently than even a few years ago. However, there are too many companies that are satisfied with OK customer service. Every day, wherever I go, whichever town, city or country I am in, I witness a variation of customer service that ranges from disastrous to fabulous, with a mean average of OK!     

Most companies take customer service for granted, considering it an achievement rather than a necessary tool to drive excellence through their business. Too many are satisfied with meeting customers' expectations - well, that's not good enough in today's world of threats and opportunities. Today's consumers are more fleeting, increasingly fussy, and more aware of what they want and when they want it! Searching for what you want has never been easier, quicker or 

cheaper. Consumers can find an alternative to your offer within a click or two. Loyalty grows only from the experience we have with you and your business. 

So, what are you selling today? No matter whether it is a product or a service - what's it like to buy from you? Is it easy, fast, pleasant, exciting, enthralling or mundane and frustrating? These and much more are the experiences customers have when they interface with you, each time, every time. When things go wrong, what is your plan - how quickly do you fix the problem? Does the CEO call the customer to apologise? What compensation do you provide, and how quickly do you compensate customers you have let down? If you are a company that, in the eyes of your customers, is already fabulous - well done - keep it going.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of just how fabulous you are - Check this out;


Your customers describe your company, your services and your products as - 






How does your company measure up to Fabulous?

Want to know how you can make your business fabulous through fabulous customer service?

Contact me here, and let's start your journey to creating a fabulous business.





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Fabulous Customer Service
makes your Business Fabulous


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"It's not the vision that counts;
it's what the vision achieves."

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