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'it does matter'


Real-life stories of how mr alex overcame obstacles along his road less travelled. Enjoy the ride as he moves across Continents to shut down businesses, start-up new ones, whilst introducing innovative new products and refusing to take no for an answer. mr alex shares his story to help those interested in the most important mission of our times -

The Art of Leadership.


Getting down to fundamentals, as a robust manager, motivator and doer Alex tutored, managed and preached, insisting on a strong work ethic and business values. He reeked professionalism and integrity, and his commitment to excellence was above reproach. As I now reflect on our time together, I realise what fun we had and the great respect I have for him, and I miss the challenges we had when we worked near each other. 


This seasoning and maturity started from boyhood for Alex. I consider him and Jennifer as good friends, and only wish that our geographies were closer and not Cyprus and the United States. I remember him as a key business partner, but most importantly, a friend, grandparent of eight, who has withstood many tests of time. Enjoy this important reflection from Alex as I know it will be an excellent resource for you and generations to come as fundamental values on leadership and life don’t change significantly over time.


John R. Walter

December 2019

Former President and COO

AT&T Corporation


Here are some cliffhanging excerpts:

  • Led a Union strike

  • Thrown in jail

  • Outfoxing my Fortune 500 Board

  • How Mobile Phones saved my business  

  • Listening to my Mum

  • Looking a gift horse in the mouth

  • Consultancy or Leadership?

  • Tips & Trix from a Leader


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'it does matter'
That was a great read. I loved it. I started page one a few hours ago and didn't stop until I finished it.
Thoroughly enjoyable and very inspirational. 
I thought it flowed well in a chronological and readable fashion that serves to develop your character, demonstrate your learnings, show how you applied those learnings and realized great success from both your life education and your hands-on experience. 

I thought it was a great read for people of all ages and levels.  Very inspirational for a younger person, a new manager, a mid-flight leader/manager, and also for an older former leader/manager like me. It is meaningful for people not in the business world too. 


Obviously, it is geared more for business leaders but the lessons apply to non-business life equally well. Each chapter clearly demonstrated that, in fact, 'it does matter.'  I thought it was great.

Finished reading your book, 'it does matter', well laid out and very detailed all the way through. A great read for budding entrepreneurs.

I really enjoyed reading the book. 


It is like nothing else I have read in the past.  It is a fascinating journey of your life, the people and the events that have influenced you in becoming a leader. Every chapter is more than a story, it is a business aspect and ‘it does matter.’ 


The book addresses professional successes as much as it does failures and how you both provide opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. The book discusses topics such as problem-solving, disruptive innovation, exceptional customer service, and teamwork through real-life events.


I think you have done exceptional work with this book.

Dr George, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA
I found it a very interesting read, especially some of your earlier history.  I think the combination of autobiography and business lessons works well and the 'it does matter' concept pulls it all together.
All in all I found it easy to read and easy to follow and felt there were a lot of practical lessons that business leaders could put into practice.

Firstly, I’m not a big reader, I find myself losing concentration while I’m reading, but 'it does matter' kept me gripped and I’d have read 4/5 chapters before I knew about it.


It flows really well, you write with sentiment, respect and more importantly honesty, not being scared to share the highs with the lows, it makes the book such a good read.


Each chapter brings suspense from the last, I kept thinking “what the hell is he going to do now that’s just happened”, but you always managed it, no matter what happened, because you are made of rubber, and bounced back!


The whole experience of reading a book written by my dad is an experience that very few sons will have.  Although I have heard a lot of these stories over a dram on a late evening after a braai, It is much better to read them in their full entirety.  After all, you’ve just told a life story that involved me for at least 36 years of it! 


I must say, it was quite emotional, mainly for me reading about you, and some of the scrapes you got yourself into along the way, but at the same time, I laughed out loud how you got out of them!  Particularly when you went for a Sunday morning stroll in a strange town and ended up with a new job!  And the Piper's March at your special evening, oh... and the polish whisky tasting event - now I’m sure we could all have told you what was going to happen then!


From a business point of view, you inspired me, you’ve always told me to get back on the bike and to learn why I fell off.  Congratulations on your book dad, you wrote it with real compassion for those who helped you along that road less travelled.

Graham (my son)
The Author's Interview with Pulsio Print May 2020
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