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Learning from my book

'it does matter.'

Be open to the possibility that you are wrong!

Be tenacious when you know you are right!

Enjoy long hours at work; it's your passion!

Spend quality time with the right people! 

Stay humble - during and after success!

Place people at the centre of change!

Surround yourself with winners!

Take the rough with the smooth!

Know when you need to listen!

Face-to-face beats Zoom!

Take intelligent risks! 

Live through stress!

Work with Mentors!

Know your stuff!

Lead change!

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Benjamin Franklin said,

“Well done is better than well said.”


"External demands focused our efforts on moving from ink on paper to achieving a global position in information and logistical capability, which was a challenge given our core print industry culture and skills. Alex met this challenge head-on with focused Leadership, never forgetting the core principles of management success.  Enjoy this vital reflection from Alex, as I know it will be an excellent resource for you and generations to come, as fundamental values on Leadership and life don't change significantly over time. I could always depend on Alex for straightforward, candid and concise input and feedback, whether the news was good or maybe not so good; I counted on Alex for the purified reality - 'it does matter ."

John R. Walter

Former Chairman & CEO RR Donnelley

and Former President AT&T

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'it does matter'
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it does matter mr alex's book
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'it does matter'

"Alex Walker‘s 'it does matter' is a journey of human connection told by a visionary and exemplary leader. From failures to victories to award-winning achievements, a respected mentor travelled continents and crossed cultures on a mission to save companies.   Alex shares his invaluable experiences and words of wisdom to display the depth and commitment needed to perform at the highest potential in business and life.  It is filled with grit and determination, guts and glory, sacrifice and success and plenty of humour! From milk delivery boy to CEO, mr alex leaves his mark on the world of progressive Leadership."

Belinda -


"Finished your book, 'it does matter', well laid out and very detailed all the way through. A great read for budding entrepreneurs."

George -
it does matter book from kobo
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"I found 'it does matter' almost like an adventure story and a travelogue.
It was a 'page-turner' as I could not wait to see where you were going
to 'land' next.  All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable book."

Bill -

African Wild Dog At Night
"Failures can cause much pain.
But without failures -
there would be a lot more pain"
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