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Wisdom & Leadership
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Think, then act quickly!


Wisdom & Leadership
(but where does it come from?)

Success comes from thinking things through

Visualise your intuition, and critically examine the good and bad outcomes.

Don't underestimate the value of your intuition; it is always your thoughts - nobody else's!  

"Reflect on that gut feeling -

talk with your mentor - then do it!"

Look back before moving forward

Leadership is about reflection and striving to succeed. 

Leaders develop insights based on success and failures.

"Insight provides the energy that drives Leaders.

It is their steering wheel that keeps them on the right track!"

Avoid pre-determined solutions

Take action only after taking objective consideration?  

Leaders always cover downsides as well as upsides.

"Ask your Mentor for their views

- now you are a Team of Two!"

Listen and test before you lead

Testing is a vital Leadership skill; it improves your decision-making. 

Test everyone, including yourself! 

"Test before you do - but don't procrastenate!

Leadership is earned

 Insights from my book, 'it does matter.' 

"It takes; all of your time, effort, enormous personal sacrifice, the courage of a lion, speed of a cheetah,  luck of the Irish and strength of character of Winston Churchill. It is difficult, but leaders enjoy leading, despite the uncharted territories they explore."


"Sacrifice is hard - get used to it!"

Leaders get things done.

Leaders learn to do this at speed; they ask simple questions first.

"What, When and How."

(Get answers from these three first!)

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